Thursday, October 23, 2014

:: grog for a rainy night ::

It has been raining for DAYS here. Jeez Louise.The only thing that has made it even bearable are these two cocktails below:

They're from the newly reopened Tap Trailhouse in Faneuil Hall and people, they're both autumn in a glass. The one on the left is Cold Apple Pie (apple pie cordial, cinnamon, Bantam Wunderkind Cider) and the one on the right is Old Grog (Privateer Silver Rum, black tea, cinnamon and lemon). The perfect thing to warm a cranky Bostonian up on a cold, rainy day.

And the soft pretzels with grain mustard and red onion marmalade didn't hurt either.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

:: goldtoeing it around the hub ::

My size 7.5s are in rough shape. I hoof it all over the hub and it shows. And while me feet definitely take a beating, one thing I refuse to do is put them into ballet flats naked. For a variety of reasons. But most of the little half socks I buy either flip off inside my shoes or cut off the circulation in my big toes. And I also don't like showing too much of the sock once my shoe is on. So yeah, finding the right fit is a tall order.

GoldToe send me these and I happily tried them out. They're whisper thin and my pack came in nude and black. Totally long enough for my feet without being too long, and also perfectly line my flats, without making it feel like my shoe underwear is showing.

And seriously, six pairs for $8? There is no better deal.

Another favorite is the sloppy boot sock. It's a cotton blend and thick enough to make me feel cozy without being too bulky in my boots or booties. And the Aquafx woven in wicks away moisture, which is great for my skintight Hunter boots. Oh, and they're $4. Crazy.

And as if that wasn't cheap enough, now through Tuesday, October 14, GoldToe is having a sitewide 33% off sale, clearance included! Click here to shop the sale.

Happy weekend!
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Thursday, October 2, 2014

:: what i wouldn't give for a little shut eye... ::

and these five items, on my body ASAP.

It's only can it be ONLY Thursday?! Maybe it's because it's been so dreary in Boston this week, but all I want is my bed and some white wine and a book. And maybe a roaring fire, but that might be asking for too much.

These earplugs are amazing, BTW.