Monday, March 31, 2014

:: what to wear: newport wedding ::

When wedding season finally arrives (and I'm talking about the temperature, not the calendar), there are so many cute ensembles to be had. You need an outfit you can dance in, as well as something with a little pop of color. And also something that can easily transition from day into night.

One of my friends is off to a Newport wedding this summer, so I've put together two different (yet similar) brainstorms to help her get started. Navy is so classic, and also preppy without being preppy. She is going to be in Newport after all, so it's a little important to fit in with the locals. And after picking either a sheath dress or a maxi, the accessorizing is up to her.

I love some costume-y jewels around the neck--it's an easy way to dress up an outfit and while the two examples here might be pricey, Etsy and Stella & Dot and Just Fab have a much lower pricepoint and basically look identical.

I'm partial to ballet flats most days always, but I know my friend likes a bit of heel. So here we go with two different options. Both are summery, but the silver ones are definitely more casual. And while I love natural rattan, I think it always goes better with gold, and she's more of a silver girl, so the clutches give here a few different options as well.

Let me know what you think. AND...this was so much fun I think I'm going to do these "what to wear" posts regularly! If you have an event to go to or a piece you don't know how to style, I would love to give it a shot!
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

:: stella & dot wish list ::

Last night, I headed over to the Omni Parker House for Stella & Dot's national tour event. We saw a lot of people with A LOT of pretty accessories. The summer line didn't float my boat like crazy, but a lot of their other items did. Including those below. Those two necklaces? They actually clip together, so you can wear them like one giant sparkle. I can't find a video, but trust me, it looks pretty easy. And that bag? Totally justifiable for any season. They have it in geranium, too. Is anyone else eyeing some of their items?

Monday, March 24, 2014

:: a new breakfast obsession ::

My favorite little chocolate shop, Cocoanuts, is in the North End and not only do they have crazy good caramels and organic chocolate bars, but now I can also get my breakfast food there! Full disclaimer, I ate sushi for breakfast this morning, so really, ANYTHING is is fair game. But this is official breakfast.

Golden Girl Granola is local and delish and no one gave me anything to say that. And aside from it tasting good, here are a few more pluses:

- is whole-grain 
- uses all-natural ingredients
- is locally-produced, with locally-sourced ingredients, whenever possible
- is wheat-free, and is produced in a gluten-free kitchen
- is non-GMO
- is hand-crafted in small, artisan batches
- it's a family their story here

 And if you're like me and sometimes think that granola is just for milk or yogurt, definitely visit their website. They have a ton of recipes for putting it on/in dishes like pork chops, curried chicken and goat cheese. So I could basically just eat it three meals a day. 

I'm partial to the original flavor (coconut, honey and almonds), but there are quite a few others like Forest Maple (no coconut), Truly Tropical and Chocolate Decadence. Let me know if you try it!

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

:: studio j is having an open house! ::

I recently blogged about Classpass and through them, I found a lovely new yoga spot in Government Center called Studio J that's quickly becoming part of my Saturday morning routine. It's brand BRAND new and they're having a free open house on Friday (tomorrow) so I thought I'd help spread the word.

Gyrotonics Studio

 Here are the details:

  • A bunch of free classes from 2pm-5pm, including Pilates equipment half hour power, all levels Vinyasa mat Pilates, barre, and yoga basics
  • Chair massages
  • Complementary goodies from Cocobeet
  • 20% off class packages

The studio is super roomy and warm, and exposed brick is one of my favorite things so that also makes me happy when I'm all up in my downward facing dog. 

Click here to learn more or to reserve your spot!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

:: party in paris ::

I'm STILL freezing my butt off here in Boston. Spring is only a few days away, but I'm not entirely convinced that it's ever going to arrive. I know there are people who like skiing and snow and brisk weather, but these temps have me and everyone I know seriously funked.

So in an attempt to boost my mood (and maybe yours), I've put together the following ensemble with the help of Modcloth. Springtime in must be nicer in Paris now, right?

Aside from involving that pretty party frock, everything here is also super affordable. The dress is the most expensive part of this outfit at a totally reasonable $138, and everything else is pretty much just icing on a delicious mint and cream cake. From the $13 camera necklace to the $48 Girl Meets Voyage travel wallet, now all we need is a private jet and a suite overlooking the Champs Elysees. Le sigh. 
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Thursday, March 13, 2014

:: is the sock bun really over?! ::

Here I am, minding my own biz, reading my most recent PEOPLE Style Watch, when I see THIS:

People (and PEOPLE), you don't understand. This was my go-to. My "I woke up too late to do my hair", my "I'm too lazy to do my hair", my "I'm a ballerina today" hairdo. And now it's gone? It was a little too perfect.

Gah, is there something else that I can do instead? Read: sleek and easy? Someone tell me they have a fashionable substitute. RIP sock bun.
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Monday, March 10, 2014

placid blue

If meditation and deep breathing and feeling centered had a color, i think it would be Pantone's Placid Blue. And while my natural inclination is to talk about color as something I wear on my body, this one is definitely a feeling. And that scarf and blanket I can curl myself up in so we're kinda still talking fashion here.

Now I just need an in on a beach house in Nantucket and I'll have this whole Placid Blue thing totally down. Anyone?
placid blue

And if you're curious about adding Pantone's other Spring 2014 into your life, check out the lovely ladies here. Between all of us, we've got you totally covered. 

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

:: ummm, dying ::

If this isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen, then I can't imagine where you come from.


Here's a link to the full article on Gawker. That is all.
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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

:: classpass, you found me ::

ClassPass just launched in Boston and I signed up as soon as my little paws clawed my way off that waiting list. For those who've heard the Twitter buzz (or for those who haven't), here's the scoop.

I'm obviously not the only one who hates paying $25-$35 per class for the great barre, Pilates, spinning and yoga classes we have in this city. While it's totally worth it for the spotless facilities and high tech equipment, that's a lot to shell out for ONE CLASS, especially since my old gym was $20.99 per month (and gross, but you get what you pay for, I guess). So, I'd buy a class package, but then I'd be tied in to that one activity until I used up the package.

Enter ClassPass. For $99 a month, you have access to a bunch of these studios and can mix and match up to 10 classes a month. So, you're basically paying $10 for each one. Only catch is that you can only visit the same studio up to 3 times each month. Makes sense.

You book your classes and track what you've been to all on their site. Here's a peek at my dashboard:

Here's a list of studios that are included right now (they're adding more!):

Beantown Bootcamp 
Boston Body 
Btone Fitness 
BURN Fitness Studios 
C2 Pilates 
Charlestown Cycling Club 
Commonwealth Sports Club 
Exhale Boston 
Flywheel Boston 
Life in Synergy 
Pursuit Boston 
Raw Fitness Performance 
Recycle Studio 
Secret Physique 
Shama Yoga 
Studio J 

I've already written about Flywheel and Btone...stay tuned for some more (hopefully) studio raves soon!
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

:: channeling claire underwood ::

I know she's got a heart of glass, but her outside is so creamy and cashmere-ish and pretty, soft neutrals that I think she could suck me in, too. Even though winter is on its way out (I think?), she's still a blast of icy air, all while looking totally delicious.

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