Thursday, July 31, 2014

:: frizz halo ::

It's getting worse. WAY WORSE. I know, I know, total first world problem, but still.

 I haven't found my frizz zapper by way of a Moroccan oil or a serum because I just don't like the idea of adding anything greasy near my roots. And that's exactly where I need the help. So I've tried to kick the problem in another way--leave-in conditioners! And I am making some progress. I tend to wash my hair at night because my mornings are a disaster. So, I wash and condition, towel dry and then spray in (or rub in) a leave-in. I let my hair air dry for about 15-20 minutes and then I top-knot it while I sleep. Frizzies aren't gone completely, but it definitely lessens their ranks. Below are a few of my recently discovered favorites.

Any others you'd suggest? Or techniques to pass along? My frizz doesn't head south for the winter so I'm thinking going to bed with wet hair in January isn't going to make me happy...
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Monday, July 28, 2014

:: chocolate chip granola cookies ::

Some people save the baking for the fall and winter months, when cookies baking in the oven just smell so cozy. I bake year round, but it didn't hurt that Sunday was cold and crazy raining.

These are what happened.

I baked them while plowing through all of Breaking Bad again...Walt's transformation into Heisenberg is even more fascinating the second time around. But anyway...back to the recipe. I got it over at A Dish of Daily Life, and I didn't change a thing!  Take a look at the recipe here. It's a snap to whip up and it only bakes for 14 minutes. Enjoy!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

:: tory burch giveaway! ::

I'm so excited to be part of this little giveaway! I'm one of a bunch of bloggers to present one lucky winner with a $300 gift card to Tory Burch. That's a pair of Reva flats and then some!

I hope you win and I hope you tell me what you got!

Good luck!!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

:: eshakti does boston ::

The sweet folks over at eShakti offered to send me an item from their website to try out and it arrived yesterday! Have you heard of them? They're an ecommerce clothing site, BUT instead of just choosing an item and picking a pre-determined size, eShakti customizes to your height, size and style specifications and delivers it all to you within 14 business day. For me, this is an amazing find. I'm tall and EVERYTHING tends to be too short for me. I also have hips so embellishments like peplums are a definite no-no. But that doesn't mean I don't want a little something interesting on the sleeve or collar!

I picked this little blue and white gingham number because I could make it extra long, and get a cute little puffed and buttoned sleeve. It's a little bit urban Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and I like it. 


I tend to shy away from buying dresses online because they always end up being inappropriately short, but I'd give it a whirl with eShakti. I feel like I have way more control over how something is going to fit when it arrives, and customer service there has been a dream. And for a custom made item, a two week wait isn't bad!

Here's a little diagram of how much you get to customize:

If you're new to eShakti, register here and get a $25 coupon to use on your first purchase! Thank me later.  
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Monday, July 7, 2014

:: girls night out with new balance ::

Ever since Classpass started, I have been getting my butt kicked at workout studios all over the city. And now, thanks to Girls Night Out at the New Balance store on Boylston Street, I can take care of my cocktail and shopping addictions at the same time. Last week's bootcamp was such a great outdoor AND indoor workout--with chipper instructors and some really great advice on form and technique. All for FREE.

We started out with a jog in Back Bay and a few tricep dips to the amusement of those sitting in traffic on Comm Ave. And then we headed to Copley Square for some drills.

All this before getting a great instructional talk from Holly Perkins, a certified strength and conditioning specialist. She's the creator of a fitness and wellness system called baladea, which I need to get on like, yesterday. 

If you missed the June event, you're in luck because there's a July one scheduled for the 22nd! Guests can choose from an Equinox signature class, a spin on a Flywheel bike, or a fun run mapped out on the GNO Meetup app. Then, everyone heads back to the New Balance store for apps, drinks and premium gift bags. Yes, please. 

Interested, sign up here. See you soon!

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