Monday, June 30, 2014

:: strawberry margarita jello shots ::

Those four words are all that needs to be said really. This photo does the rest of the talking: 

I got the idea from the video below, and basically followed it to a T, with just a few little exceptions. Here's the setup: 

I used sugar free jello and skinny margarita mix instead of the full sugar version or triple sec to make them really guilt free. Except that I wanted to eat them for breakfast, which feels like a no-no. 

Follow these steps: 

1. Get the BIGGEST strawberries you can find and carve out the centers. The video tells you to also snip off the bottoms so they'll sit upright when you present them, but I found it makes them leaky, so next time I would cut off the bottoms after the jello has gelled. 

2. Place them in an empty ice cube tray to stabilize them while in the refrigerator. 

3. Boil 1 cup water on the stove (or in the microwave) and add the jello mix. Stir until dissolved. In a separate bowl or cup with a spout, mix 3/4 of a cup tequila with 1/4 of a cup margarita mix. Add in the jello mixture and pour into the strawberries. 

4. Set in the refrigerator and wait until the jello is solid. Garnish with lime and margarita salt and enjoy!

These are so cute and really not potent at all, so no one's going to get trashed. Not really, anyway. 

Here's the video from the lovely Tipsy Bartender

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

:: new favorite facial scrub ::

It's gentle and it smells herbal-y and the grains are super fine. This is the best exfoliating scrub I've found in a long while and that's including the ones that cost big bucks. It's $4.50 here. Impossible to go wrong.

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My other favorite is BeneFit's Honey Snap Out Of It, but that's four times more expensive and not as scrubby.

Any other facial scrubs I should try out??
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Monday, June 23, 2014

:: gonna pop a wheelie ::

I know Miley Cyrus is yelling in the background. I KNOW. And yet, I still can't stop listening to this song. Pharrell was my summer time love in 2013 and he's doing it again. This time in a bathrobe. Summer 2014, welcome. We've been waiting for you. 


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Thursday, June 12, 2014

:: beachy neutrals ::

I know summer is the time to get bright and fluorescent and loud with color, but I'm feeling a little bit more subdued this year. Not in a bad way, just in a "doze off in an Adirondack" rather than a "kill it at Bonnaroo" kind of way. And I feel like this is the kind of palette that can get me there. Doesn't it feel all beach glass-y and relaxing? Get me to the ocean!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

:: cutest pilates studio...ever ::

So, I thought I knew how to imprint, kinda sorta. But apparently, I don't. And I consider knowledge to be power when it comes to my lower abs, so I'm glad I know that I've got some work to do. Last night's mat Pilates class was SO hands on and SO good that I'm super excited to recommend it. Boston Pilates in Jamaica Plain (Green Street T stop) looks like this:

and like this: 


and their bathroom is like one giant goodie bag: 

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The staff and the instructors are so friendly and welcoming and it's a nice change from some of the downtown studios. It just feels more neighborhood-y and laid back. Lots of specials happening, and they even teach barre! Check them out here
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