Tuesday, February 18, 2014

:: spin city: flywheel at the pru ::

I went to a great blogger event on Saturday at Flywheel in the Pru...good to know I wasn't totally dragging, but it still kinda kicked my ass. In a good way. I'm certified to teach spinning, but got a little distracted with other workouts over the past few years, and this totally got me back in the saddle (ha ha).

Rachele taught our class and I actually saw steam coming off her AND she played some Gin Wigmore as she whipped us into shape. Total. Badass. Please and thank you.

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There are tons and tons of classes, as you can see from the colorful schedule above, and we're still smiling post-workout in the photo to the right (Kristin, me, and Janelle), always a good sign.

Here are a few things you should know:

  • The first class is free. Um, so there are ZERO reasons not to try this out. 
  • The bikes are arranged in a stadium format so even in the back, you still have a great view of the instructor. 
  • For those passive aggressive competitors (like me) who like to compete but don't really want to be seen competing, the "torque board" keeps track of how you're doing against the other cyclists with your chosen handle. 
  • The place is roomy! It's always a pain to reach down and adjust your bike and hit the bike next to you with a body part (head, butt, etc.)...these bikes are just far enough apart to feel comfortable. 
  • They add arms! Spinning is such a great, low-impact cardio workout, but I have to then go and get some arm weights and do another mini workout. With Flywheel, they build it right into the class, so you leave feeling super accomplished. 
  • You borrow shoes from them so you can clip in and safely cycle your little heart out. 
  • This may only be important to me, but there's Bliss soap in the bathrooms. Bonus points. 

Tell me if you go!!!

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  1. I did a spin class once and sadly didn't go back. I will stick with running and zumba

    1. i am a CATASTROPHE at zumba. i can't move my arms and legs differently at the same time. sad but true!