Monday, December 16, 2013

:: navy + black: i just can't ::

I know this is a thing now, according to those who are far more fashion forward than me. But it just feels wrong.

So here's what I'm told is the new loose rule about pairing navy with black (via a very nice personal shopper at the Copley J. Crew): Navy is blue and black goes with anything, therefore, navy and blue match. Um, ok, I guess I can go along with that logic. Also, but are neutrals. You got me there, too. And navy and blue are always good together IF the textures are different. So, if I wear a silky navy skirt and a black leather jacket like my friend Kate Bosworth over here, then I'm good. 

I'm still not sure. I'm not judging anyone who does it, but it's kinda like fringe and tassles for me. I get that it's fashion-y and on-trend, but I just feel ridiculous doing it. Anyone else?

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