Thursday, May 22, 2014

:: soggy but still fashionable ::

Do these seem silly? Because i kind of love them. I get that any kind of rubber shoe ends up being a glorified Croc, but my big Hunter boots are so clunky and sweaty for the summer that I can't bear to even look at them. So, my alternative is then flip flops when it rains and those involve slipping and gunk water on my feet. So, no. 

I guess in theory, if it REALLY rains, these aren't going to keep my feet dry, but they are going to avoid me from ruining a real pair of shoes. And that's the preservation while still being a little cute. I just bought that purple pair of Chooka's below in black. And they're super comfy. 

Clockwise from top: Green (with a cute gingham lining!): Target, $33; Baby blue: Hunter, $125; Pink: Tory Burch, $100; Purple: Hunter, $79; Navy: Hunter, $125; Plum: Chooka's, $65. 

Memorial Day weekend is supposed to be rainy. Booo. But I'm ready. 
Rubber soles
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