Monday, May 5, 2014

:: beachy manicures for summer ::

I have super pale skin that only barely tans in the summer (it doesn't burn, thank goodness). But I've always felt like I've had to do the pinky, Essie Bubble Bath, bubble gum pink colors in the summer time and that was as light as I could go.

Otherwise, it looks like I don't actually have any nails. But I'm trying to embrace the nude nail. One, because it looks so summery and effortless. And two, because if I get a chip, it's barely noticeable. Try saying that about Lincoln Park After Dark.

 Anyone have any taupe-y favorites for me to try?


  1. I love neutral nails...I recommend Essie "Muchi Muchi"!


    1. ooh, thanks! i think essie is the best in terms of not chipping!

  2. I haven't try a nude nail before. Have a great week