Wednesday, April 22, 2015

:: wedding "underbasics" ::

I'm getting married in September and I'm sorry, but all this planning is NOT a pleasure. The flowers, the table rentals, the save-the-date cards, the DRESS, are all giving me some crazy anxiety. I find it hard to pull the trigger on easy things sometimes (ordering lunch off a menu, choosing between paper or plastic), so this stuff is definitely not in my wheelhouse.

But what I wear UNDER my dress is a no-brainer. As part of the Commando Crew, Commando has generously sent me some of their fabulous items to try out. My favorites are here, and all of them will hold a prime spot on my wedding weekend and beyond.

:: wedding "underbasics" ::

Clockwise from top right: 
Commando classic thong: I have a number of these, and they've overtaken Hanky Panky as my go-to underwear.  They're made of microfiber and are super simple, so there is ZERO bulging or puckering no matter what I'm wearing. 

Commando Whisper Weight Cami: Crazy thin, and with no seams, it's hard to believe that this cami doesn't unravel and float away. It makes me feel all tucked in and tied together, and the torso is long enough so it doesn't bunch up, whether I'm tucking it into jeans or wearing it with a dress for some extra that a word?

Commando Double Take Racerback Bra: This one is definitely happening on my wedding I've recently discovered that a strapless dress is not in my future. So delicate and yet also very supportive, it's a great every day bra that transitions well to being a dependable first layer for a formal outfit.

Check out what's new at Commando here. If you're getting married soon or in a wedding soon, or just going to a wedding soon, they have a whole page for you here. If you're a bargain hunter like me, their sales are great too...check them out here.