Wednesday, August 13, 2014

:: 5wits : we got out alive! ::

If you're not up for driving to Orlando this weekend but still want a little bit of a theme park experience (and maybe throw in some all-you-can-eat wings at CBS Scene while you're at it), head to 5 Wits. I remember seeing their sign way back when they were located down near Fenway and just never stopped in. Maybe because I didn't have kids. Well folks, I still don't have kids and we had TONS OF FUN anyway.

Basically, it's a live-action, hour long adventure that has you solving puzzles to get out of the mess you're in. Our mess was being stuck in a diving bell 20,000 leagues under the sea and being attacked by a giant squid. It all started out as a lovely little visit to the Jules Verne museum and downward spiraled from there. The props and special effects were great and our guide was really patient with us on some of the puzzles.

It's so fun to use that other part of your brain sometimes, and trust me, I was USING my brain to solve these puzzles. And anyone who knows me knows I get very motion sick...but I was 20 thousand leagues down and felt fine...amazing. 

They also have a whole different experience called Espionage, where you get to save the entire world. I figured I'd start small and just save our submarine. 

While this is definitely a spot to have a pre-teen birthday party, it's also a great spot for a night out without kids. They even have kid-free nights, which you can learn about here. There was one kid on our adventure and she was actually kind of useful, but it's nice to have the option. 

Up next? Cracking safes and hacking computers in Espionage. Why sit at home and watch a movie about it when you can actually DO it!?
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