Monday, August 25, 2014

:: the F word ::

The F word is FRIZZ. And in my world, it's practically as bad as the real F word. There is nothing worse than fixing your hair and then leaving the house and having it balloon into a ball of cotton candy as soon as it hits the atmosphere. Frustrating. And so unattractive.

So when this lovely ceramic straight iron arrived from Lionesse Beauty Bar, I couldn't wait to try it on this Brillo pad I keep on the top of my head. Here it is air-dried out of the shower:

And here it 20 minutes later (only 20 minutes, people!!):

Impressive, no? And I can tell you that I went to watch the Little League World Series and grab dinner downtown on Saturday, and it STAYED LIKE THIS AFTER LEAVING THE HOUSE. Amazing.

Here's the great frizz tamer herself:

A little bit about her:

-She has a 100% ONYX ceramic heat plate, 1.25 " wide, which makes her easy to get right into my frizzy roots, and only requires one, maybe two strokes so I'm done in a flash.

-She has variable temperature control (unlike my old one which was just an off/on switch)

-Negative ion technology is what eliminates the frizz and static and adds SHINE (that and this serum, which not only works, but smells divine)

-A 1.5m cord makes maneuvering her around my bathroom a breeze

-Dual voltage! I look like a hot mess every time I leave the country because I'm afraid of plugging in my good hot irons with a converter. No worries here!

-She didn't burn me. This is a problem I've had in the past, unfortunately. I'm either clumsy or the irons I've been using are just plain dangerous. Either way, the design of this ceramic straightener left me safe and sound.

So I'm basically on my way to a frizz free life. Bring it, Mother Nature.

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  1. Replies
    1. ha ha, thanks, i guess i just feel like a giant puff ball when it air dries! Oh, and it gets bigger as the day goes on :)

  2. I know frizz. My hair naturally is kinky and wavy. and it can get quite out of hand --frizzy. I have two flat irons and I use Argon oil and a heating element protection and it seems to help.
    This looks like a great flat iron.

    1. thanks for reading! misery loves company :)

  3. Although it's expensive .. try Caviar Anti Aging Replenishing moisture shampoo / conditioner by Alterna. These products really do help with frizz.


    1. that's a purple bottle, yes? i'll check it out, thanks!

  4. I do not have a huge frizz problem but wow, what a difference. Your hair looks incredible.