Tuesday, August 19, 2014

:: a curtsy to olives & grace ::

You know those little things that you give as gifts that make people think you're the most thoughtful gift giver ever? Olives & Grace is full of them. And the best part is that the makers really love whatever it is they're making, whether it be chocolate or tea or pencils or soap.

This sweet little shop recently moved from another spot in the South End into its current location at 623 Tremont Street. The white walls and rustic wood floors make it such an inviting space to take a look at all the wares. Batch numbers and hand sewn labels are an indicator of how unique these items are and how they're all truly little labors of love!

Here's my haul from last week's blogger party:

Peanut almond butter from Big Spoon Roasters (used last night to make the delicious paleo almond butter cup recipe found here); Ajiri Tea (more on them in a sec); McCrea's Rosemary Truffle Sea Salt (addiction); and Q's Nuts.

If this makes it seem like we're only talking food here, we're not--it's just that I'm usually only talking food. Olives & Grace also has a lot of other great gift ideas like books, prints, candles and soap. They will even create gift boxes (with items you've chosen from the shop or ask for a curated box!) so you can seem totally amazing and together when you gift.

But one of my favorite discoveries of the evening was Ajiri Tea. The word "ajiri" means "to employ" in Swahili, which is the national language of Kenya. Their goal is to create employment for women in western Kenya, and to educate orphans in their communities. By selling the tea, they're creating a sustainable cycle of community employment and education. And I can help while also fueling my caffeine addiction? Perfect.

Oh, and if you want some locally made, bee sweetened chocolate and marshmallows? Apothekers Kitchen has you covered.

I dare you to leave this shop empty handed. Can't be done, folks.

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