Tuesday, June 25, 2013

:: big hair (in a bad, bad way) ::

I am not going to complain about the weather in this post. I swear. This past winter's snowfall totals triggered more than one inappropriate crying jag, and the spring made me feel like I was living somewhere near the Amazon during monsoon season. So the 90 degree weather and sunshine we're getting right now is a total dream.

But I can't fit my hair through the doorway, people. Like, we're talking Bride of Frankenstein crossed with Medusa crossed with Marge Simpson-kind of hair. I fix it in the morning and then I step outside my front door and it does whatever it pleases. I should just save that extra 30 minutes and actually start making myself breakfast.

But since I like to pretend that my hair is my showpiece, I blowdry and Bombshell it everyday, even when the humidity laughs in my face. And here are a few products that help me on my quest:
big hair (in a bad way)

Moroccan Oil ($20 for 25ml): Is anyone else obsessed with the way this stuff smells? I'm waiting for them to make a spritzer.

Pureology Super Smooth ($24 for 150ml): Saw this in a recent issue of Allure and so far so good. Not crazy in love (yet), but it is made for color treated hair which makes me feel like it's pulling double duty for me.

Frizz-Ease ($7.99 for 1.69 fl oz): This stuff has been around for SO long! I rotated it out of my hair regimen a while ago because it felt too heavy and I couldn't bring it anywhere near the frizzies on my hairline because it just made them look greasy. But the line has been reformulated and is so much more lightweight. I'm still wary of how much I use, but it's back in the rotation.

Living Proof No Frizz Styling Cream ($36 for 8 oz): I have a lot of hair, but the individual strands are very fine, making me that much more prone to flyaways. This cream gives me that added weight to make my hair (sorta) resemble the neat and sleek and smooth styles I lust after.

Anything else out there I should try? I'm desperate, and summer's only just starting...
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  1. Not using one of them :) i'm a pretty lazy girl if it comes to make up and stuff! :) following your blog through bloglovin.

    Love, The mind of an exchange

    1. thanks, melissa! following you back!

  2. I haven't been using any of these products but would love to give a try to No Frizz cream , sounds like it's made for my { more than frizzy} hair !
    I am glad you linked up with Grab a friend :) I am following back via BL.
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  3. I'm also lazy and don't use anything.. I do have a teeny sample size of the moroccan oil and it does smell amazing! I am in the process of "withdrawing" from shampoo so in this awful stage I have just been throwing my hair up in a bun every day

    1. ugh, let me know how the no-pooing goes...i'm curious, but scared :)

  4. Hi Victoria,

    Ah, frizz. I have the same problem. I live by the coast in San Diego and we have a nice fine layer of mist in the morning. I haven't tried any of the above products with the exception of the M Moroccan oil line (their shampoo/conditioner is lovely).

    I've been using the "It's a 10 Miracle Leave in Conditioner" and it's a decent product. It smells floral and is a wonderful de-tagler. For friz, it's ok (no miracle as the product states).


    PS: thanks for the tip on maxi's at Walmart :-)

  5. Well, right now I don't have any hair, but when I did, it was Frizz City!!

    I know Frizz-Ease actually makes a "Frizz-Ease Light" version. It worked wonders!