Friday, June 14, 2013

:: on organization ::

I'm a list-maker by nature and I couldn't make it through the day without my planner, but that's kind of where my organizational tendencies end. My desk is a mess, my car is a mess, my purse is a mess. So, in an attempt to gain some kind of control over my life, I decided to start small and make a few little changes. I'll start with know, the important stuff.

I got this beauty below over at rustic.chic and I love its' guts. It declutters the top of my bureau and I can see all of my choices. Mornings and I are not usually the best of friends, so anything that helps me not go insane pleasantly greet the day is a great thing.

Here are a few other pieces for my organizational wishlist. I'm embarrassed to say exactly what I would give for that walk-in closet. Not to mention the pendant lighting and the Louis Vuitton handbag on that built-in bench. But I'll settle for a scarf rack and a deer antler jewelry holder.

to organization!  photo signaturecopy_zpsc80579c1.jpg

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