Wednesday, June 26, 2013

:: Southie's GrandTen Distillery ::

Anyone out there ever been to the GrandTen Distillery in South Boston? It's a charming little spot that produces spirits and liqueurs in very small batches and distills in copper. Each step, from the raw ingredients to the bottling and labeling, is done by hand. While last night's event was private, they do offer free tours and tastings every Friday from 12-4pm. 

 The evening included tastings of their Angelica, Wire Works American Gin, Wire Works Reserve Special Aged Gin, Fire Puncher Vodka, and my personal favorite, Almandine. Their take on amaretto, it's the perfect addition to my favorite cocktail--the margarita.

GrandTen has been open for just over a year and is in quite a few Boston-based bars and restaurants. Interested in finding out where? Click here.

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  1. We will need to hit up the free tours on a Friday:)

    1. you won't be disappointed! take it from me: eat first ;)