Friday, June 14, 2013

:: marry me, philosophy? ::

 I first discovered Philosophy when I bought their Real Purity skin cleanser about 15 years ago. I used it ~obsessively~. The smell of it (herbal-y/lemony is probably the best way to describe it) still reminds me of living in Santa Barbara when I was just a fresh, young thing. Unfortunately, at present I suppose their Hope in a Jar is a better description of my current needs.

Now, I love Sephora as much as the next girl, but that is not the place for a Philosophy addict to get her fix. The Philosophy website is out. of. control, and their email list offers are insane, too. I got everything below (all full-sized except the vanilla cake shower gel, which was 2 oz) for a total of $38.95, including shipping. The 8 oz Real Purity (now called Purity Made Simple) alone is $22 on the Sephora website.

I always check RetailMeNot before I place any order online and that's how I scooped up the free raspberry gloss and the bath gel. And I've decided that Amazing Grace is my new signature scent, so this bargain hunter to going to need all the discounts she can get.

marry me, philosophy?


  1. Hi Victoria - happily following!!!
    Have a great weekend

  2. Hi Victoria! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the follow.....following you back!
    I am a Philosophy girl through and through and the ONLY place I will buy it is on lower than Sephora. They have the super sized items and always a deal on them whether it is a two-for or easy pay. I have found some of the higher priced serums on Ebay but you have to beware of "old" products. I am sensitive to scent so I can't take advantage of the perfumes but I use everything else!

    1. i'll check out QVC...thanks for the tip!!

  3. Hi Victoria!

    I just away your post on Lauren's The Pear Shape blog so I thought I'd stop by and say Hi!

    I see that you're a new blogger .. so welcome to the blogging world! I've been blogging since Nov '12 and really enjoy connecting with other bloggers so I can learn about fashion and my fav subject - makeup!!

    Following you on bloglovin!


    1. thanks so much, monica! right back at you :) see you soon!

  4. The vanilla cake bath gel is one of my faves!