Tuesday, September 17, 2013

:: anchoring for autumn ::

I know that nautical themes make us think about popping bottles on a yacht (or drinking diet coke in a kayak as the case may be) but I've only recently felt drawn to this trend, so I'm trying to figure out how to stretch it into fall. And it turns out it's not going to be all that hard. Take a look below and see just a few things that caught my eye...it CAN be done without out getting all pastel-y and Lilly Pulitzer.

I think this little summer cross over is also going to be a metaphorical symbol for me. This past season was excessive--food, fun, cocktails, over scheduling, under-thinking. And now it's time to anchor down and get things under control. And I think that little purse is just the thing to tie me down.

 photo signaturecopy_zpsc80579c1.jpg


  1. I'm obsessed with anchors! Love all of it! Especially the purse!

    1. i know! i don't know what has taken me so long!! :)