Friday, September 13, 2013

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I'm not a football girl. But I'm trying to be. It's one of my fall goals. Friends are trying to teach me the rules, but they're not really sticking...yet. But I watched the Patriots/Bills game last Sunday and I have tickets to next week's Harvard/Brown game. So I'm off to a strong start. Anyone have any viewing tips for me?

Regardless, I may not know what's happening on the field, but I do know what to wear. And that's something.

friday night lights

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  1. I'm so not a football fan and I'm not even going to try to be one .. lol.

    Love the outfit items though .. this is just my style.


  2. Well knowing what to wear is a big first step! :) Seriously though, once you're hooked, you can't imagine NOT being a fan! I'm a New England girl too so of course loving the Pats is the first thing to do, but ever since I've fallen in love with college football I hardly watch the NFL anymore at all! Hope you have fun at the game!