Friday, September 6, 2013

:: stella & dot wishlist ::

My wallet can't handle this anymore. There are so many cute things over at Stella & Dot. Luckily for my bank account, they're all slightly above the "oh, just buy it" price point for me, so I don't do too much splurging. But if I did, here's what I'd be grabbing...

stella & dot wishlist

1.Nancy studs ($24); 2. Palm Springs scarf ($59); 3. Signature candle ($29); 4. Haven ring ($49); 5. Paradise studs ($24); 6. Stackable band rings ($39); 7. Piper necklace ($34); 8. Chelsea tech wallet in poppy ($59); 9. Delphie stone studs ($24); 10. Christina link bracelet ($49).


  1. I have bracelet #10. Love it. I used to sell for them, but I stopped because I was too tempted to buy new things all the time and my bank account was not happy with that.

    1. btw I nominated you for the sunshine award. Post live tomorrow!

    2. i can only imagine! even at a discount, it adds up! thanks lady, i'll check it out!!

  2. Stella and Dot sure have some pretty pieces! I really like that link bracelet!