Thursday, January 23, 2014

:: damn you, cocktails! ::

One of my resolutions for 2014 is/was to lose 12 pounds. While I'm employing various tactics to make this a reality (another post for another time), cocktails continue to thwart my efforts. I tried switching to white wine to cut down on the simple syrup/triple sec trap, but it's just not doing it for me. And I can't drink red wine because it triggers my migraines. So, I'm back to looking longingly at the cocktail menu before sighing and ordering my pinot grigio a la Ramona on RHONY.

I'm exploring some low calorie options that don't involve me bringing a bottle of Skinny Girl into a bar with me (two RHONY references, one post!) but am looking for any help I can get. Here are a few ideas I've found on the Interwebs:

  • Vanilla vodka and diet ginger-ale: A single shot is less than 100 calories and sugar free. And the diet ginger ale has no calories or sugar. But do bars even stock it?
  • Tequila on the rocks with club soda: This, I think I could get behind. Not as delish as my beloved margarita, but with a lime wedge, I might be able to trick myself. Like the vodka above, a shot is about 100 calories. 
  • Champagne: A lovely option in a lot of ways, but weird at 6pm on a work night. But it's only 85 calories for a glass...probably because those glasses are skinny/tiny. Maybe I should use that as inspiration. 
  • Gin and tonic: 100 calories in a glass--1 oz gin and 3 oz tonic. This is probably the only one I can ask for without feeling complicated. But ugh, it sounds boring. 

Anyone have any standbys? I may want to drink two or three, so...

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  1. To cut out unneeded calories and to get a little healthier I am trying to concentrate on drinking nothing but water and the occasional black coffee in the new year. ..So boring I know.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

    1. gah! i know you're right...but i already gave up caffeine! don't take away everything i love!!!! ;)

  2. I vote champagne. Even at 6 p.m. on a work night, bubbly is always a good choice.

  3. Also voting for champagne! I've tried the tequila on the rocks with lots of lime as well and that's pretty good. Just not sweet at all (unlike the other drinks above).

    1. i'm going to have to try the tequila on the rocks soon...i did a few vodka sodas on saturday night and it wasn't half bad!