Tuesday, November 19, 2013

:: amazing cara box reveal ::

I hit the jackpot you guys with this month's cara box swap. THE JACKPOT. Paired up with Jasmine of Green Eyed Monster, she went crazy over and above to make me happy. At this very moment, the earrings I'm wearing and the lunchbag on my desk are from her shipment to me.

Jasmine did an amazing job of reading my blog and picking out the best stuff ever. I'm positive that gift giving is her love language.  Here's what I got:

Blue Avocado lunch tote.  Now that I've discovered them, a few folks on my list will be saying hello to them on Christmas morning.

Stella & Dot Delphie stone studs in navy. They are seriously the cutest.

The New Vegetarian Kitchen cookbook. Jasmine's right...even if the recipes suck, the book itself just LOOKS amazing. But I'm sure the recipes are going to kill it, too.

The Ciroa Microwave Me bowl. This is in a great black and white fiore pattern that matches my chairs, my rug and the little scrap of fabric that I use as a background for all of my recipe posts. And it fits right in my Blue Avocado tote!

She threw in some nail care items for good measure and I'm in heaven. Thanks for making my swap a success, girl! For everyone else, go see Jasmine and get some beauty advice and inspiration! 

And a P.S., I love that both of us own our status as a formosa candidus. Google it.

Cara Box

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  1. So glad you liked it! And gift giving IS my love language! I read that book years ago and I can't tell you how many people I have made take the quiz!