Monday, November 4, 2013

:: six tips to make your manicure last longer ::

This never used to be a problem for me, but for some reason lately, I can't keep a darn manicure chip-free for more than a week. Even a gel manicure (which are only an option half the time for me anyway because they ravage my nails AND I'm simply unable to commit to one color for 2+ weeks) isn't a safe option. So I've dug up a few tips to keep that good old fashioned manicure classy:

1. Keep your cuticles hydrated. I'm a major offender of this. Dry and flaky cuticles are often caused by the alcohol in perfumes and hand lotions. Use a cuticle oil instead. I'm addicted to this one right now.

2. Bring your own polish. I know part of the fun of going to a salon is picking out a different/unique/impromptu color, but if you bring your own, you can touch up those chips yourself! It's also probably more sanitary, but I can't bring myself to go there...

3. Make sure your manicurist coats the free edge of your nail. Some do this automatically, but some don't. By covering the tip of your nail that was just filed, she can help prevent water from getting under the polish and lifting/chipping it.

4. Avoid heat for 12 hours post-manicure. This includes hot yoga, dish washing, hot tubs, etc. It interferes with the curing process.

5. Reapply a topcoat after a few days. it will help restore shine and reduce chips.

6. Skip the hand sanitizer. My manicurist told me that the alcohol in hand sanitizer will dull the shine of a manicure. I still use it, but I avoid my finger tips (I know,  probably defeats the purpose). But it also leads to chipping, so double reason to just wash my hands.

Any one else have any good tips (ha ha!)?

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  1. One more tip .. wear rubber gloves while doing the dishes :-)


    1. yes! i always wear gloves when i wash dishes and that's only one of many good reasons!

  2. I never wash dishes without wearing gloves. I'm not as great when rinsing them, but I try to be.