Friday, November 1, 2013

:: btone fitness is my new lover ::

So, last night was all about pretending it wasn't Halloween. I don't get any trick or treaters at my place, so I'm not being a Halloween Scrooge. I just don't want to buy any candy that I'm then just going to end up eating myself. Which WOULD HAVE happened.

So, I ended up drinking some spiked hot chocolate and watching Vicky Christina Barcelona. But all that AFTER I went to my first Btone Fitness class! If you live in Boston, you've got to try this out. The first class is only $5 and it's worth six times that. Literally. Single classes from here on out are $30. It's right at the beginning of Newbury Street, near the Taj and the Public Gardens.

It's barre-ish, mixed with Pilates Reformer machines and I definitely worked muscles that have not been worked in a very loooooong time. The instructor I had last night (Emily) was fabulous and all of the moves were explained very well, especially considering how complicated the machines look. And since there are only 12 machines, there's no jockeying for space or having those late-comers creeping in on your floor space.

I was definitely in a workout funk, but now I feel refreshed! Excuse me, but I need to go have a serious talk with my wallet...

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