Thursday, November 7, 2013

:: that time i made risotto... ::

This post is super tardy, but better late than never! Last month, I went to one of my favorite Boston spots, the Boston Center for Adult Education, to take a risotto making class from one of their best cooking instructors, Diane Manteca.

Risotto is notoriously difficult to master with all the constant stirring to get it just right. But it's such a versatile dish--it can serve as an appetizer or a main course, it can become vegetarian/vegan, seasonal or meat filled very easily, and it can even be a dessert (dolce risotto, anyone?).

When I walked in, there were wine glasses on the table, which is a good start to any class, in my opinion. We also got to take home gourmet shallots from Victoria Gourmet, who is now partnering with BCAE on all of their cooking classes. After three hours, we had made FIVE dishes. I left with a full belly, a few good tips for trying risotto on my own and some secrets about where the best Italian hole-in-the-wall restaurants are in Boston. Hint: NOT the North End.

Interested? Diane is teaching the class again on December 19. Sign up!
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