Monday, March 10, 2014

placid blue

If meditation and deep breathing and feeling centered had a color, i think it would be Pantone's Placid Blue. And while my natural inclination is to talk about color as something I wear on my body, this one is definitely a feeling. And that scarf and blanket I can curl myself up in so we're kinda still talking fashion here.

Now I just need an in on a beach house in Nantucket and I'll have this whole Placid Blue thing totally down. Anyone?
placid blue

And if you're curious about adding Pantone's other Spring 2014 into your life, check out the lovely ladies here. Between all of us, we've got you totally covered. 

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  1. It's said that the majority of people like the color blue, because it is actually a calming color. So you're spot on!
    I love that seahorse. c: Very cozy looking picks.


  2. Love the seahorse. :) I love this shade of blue so long as it isn't too robin's egg looking.

  3. I love seahorses. And I would like to order one of those beach houses in Nantucket too.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  4. Placid blue is so serene, very spa-like.