Friday, July 19, 2013

:: DKNY cozy sweater, how have i lived this long without you? ::

I first learned about this fashion miracle while watching Bravo's short-lived/mildly entertaining Kell on Earth, and have since fallen in love with the DKNY cozy sweater. And then last night a dear friend mailed me hers! In hot pink, no less! If it wasn't 150 degrees outside right now, I'd be wearing it non-stop.

But this hot weather gives me time to practice all these ways to wear it in the comfort of my air conditioned bedroom. So when fall finally arrives, I'll be ready to tear up the town in this baby. Has anyone else tried the cozy?

Oh, and please visit my guest post today over at Happily Rambling!
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  1. I totally watched this entire video. That looks amazing! I love how you can get so many looks out if it.. The hot pink is also a great color. What a genius idea. I am so impressed!