Monday, July 1, 2013

:: me and my bombshell ::

I've mentioned her before and a few people have asked for more details, so please let me introduce you to my favorite styling product EVER: Sultra's The Bombshell Clipless Curling Iron.

Don't assume the heat pad and the oven mitt are just for show. Your bathroom sink and your wrists will thank you for taking this little lady seriously. She's basically the black widow of the beauty world. But the webs she spins are so beautiful that I forget she can really ruin my day (Example: I was sleepy sleepy this morning and touched her business end by accident. My thumb is still pulsating).

But she does SUCH good work. The curls stay in all day, and if I wrap my hair right before I sleep, they're even good for a second day. The trick is getting the knack of using a clipless curling iron.

I cut the fingers off the the pink glove that comes with the iron because I'm better able to section off my hair. Then, I wrap it and really only hold it for a second around the barrel. These curls look perfect for 12 hours, easy.

And there's a 30 minute automatic shut off, for anyone (like yours truly) who occasionally leaves the house without unplugging.

Boston weather today was hot and hazy so my hair plumped up the instant I walked out the door. I almost didn't post these because they totally don't do the curling iron justice, but I think they do showcase some beachy waves despite crazy humidity:

Any other great curlers or straighteners out there I should know about?

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