Thursday, July 11, 2013

:: over it: chevron and zebra ::

As much as it pains me to say it, I'm reaching the point of oversaturation with that darling chevron print. And I've waved a teary goodbye to the animal prints as well. Not that I'm giving them up (we just don't do that here), but they do need to go away for a while. At least a season, please.

In their place, there are a few other interesting prints I'm still loving:

Clockwise from top left: Missoni zig zag (classic, classic); geometric (love it totally, but for me it only works on my top half, or as an accessory); abstract camouflage (never thought I'd say it, but...yes); checkerboard (love that retro bathing suit); ikat (can someone tell me how to pronounce this?); and windowpane (I've talked about this one before). What else, what else?!
over chevron and zebra
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  1. I'm not over prints as I mostly have solid stuff in my closet so .. bring on the prints - all of them :-)


  2. I am so glad I'm not the only one sick of chevron!! It's literally everywhere!

  3. Never thought I would like camo, but I really love that scarf! I love the ikat stuff too (and I too have no idea how to pronounce it. I just say it like I-cat, which I'm sure is probably wrong!

    1. ha! yes, i've been alternating between I-kat and EEE-kat ;)

  4. I'm still a fan of chevron but I've been over animal print for quite a while. I'm loving polka dots best! :-)

  5. I still like Chevron - I've kind of had it for now with IKAT lol...................
    I'm with Susannah - loving polka dots!

  6. Bravo honey, bravo! I was never ever into chevron, it always looked seizure inducing to me. That said, I'm a tacky Philly/Jersey girl, and I still do love me my leopard print! (in moderation!)