Wednesday, July 3, 2013

:: roughing it. kinda. ::

If given the choice, I would spend half of my life out in the wilderness, and the other half trapped in Sephora. If anyone can help me figure out how to make a living out of this combo, PLEASE contact me.

Since I'm at Sephora a lot already, I gave my other half a little treat last weekend and headed up to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Note that I did wear mascara the entire weekend.

The Appalachian Mountain Club has a comfy lodge called the Highland Center and being there was such a treat. From the lodge, we hiked up and slid down (curses to mud and rain!) from AMC's Mizpah Hut. We did not get struck by lightning (yay) and we did not see any moose (boo).

But we DID learn:

-how to pack a daypack
-how to filter and purify stream water
-how to read a map (more involved than I thought)
-how to use a compass
-how to make a first aid kit

And since a fair portion of my life revolves around food, may I present:

Want to go? AMC hosts tons of programs at the Highland Center and at their eight huts. Click here for more info!

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  1. You learned quite a bit! It's great that you learned to read a map, because with all the technology these days, I don't think many people do anymore. =0)
    Your newest GFC and bloglovin follower.

  2. wow what fun!! i think all of those these you learned are great skills, esp how to filter and purify water, could come in use one day!! In jr. high, i was in adaptive p.e. since I was wheelchair bound and limited. We had a unit about orientation and using our wheels to mark distance as well as learning to use a compass. I wish i remembered!! & that breakfast looks delicious!!