Thursday, August 22, 2013

:: kombucha, i love you but you scare me ::

Does anyone out there feel me? Kombucha (pronounced kom-BOO-cha) is a fermented drink (trace elements of both alcohol and caffeine) made of live bacteria and yeast. To me, it tastes like a cross between beer and vinegar and seltzer. Have I hooked you yet?? Just like the pomegranate and a├žai berry juices of the past few years, it's trendy now and is being hailed as the latest elixir of good health. From improving digestion and immunity to lowering cholesterol and fighting cancer, it's the latest darling of the beverage world.

It used to be hard to get, but now places like Whole Foods and my local Harvest co-op sell it, and even Honest Tea (owned by Coca-Cola) and Celestial Seasonings have their own versions, fortified with B vitamins, vitamin C and spirulina. There are even kombucha martinis and kombucha smoothies.

I'm into it for the probiotic and detox elements, but it can get dangerous. As in, don't-get-stuck-in-traffic-after-you've-downed-a-glass kind of dangerous. There have also been some negative reviews on it for folks with weakened immune systems.

There's a great tutorial over at Healthy Living How To if you're interested in brewing your own. But knowing how it's made kind of grosses me out.

Anyone else in love or in hate with Kombucha? I haven't made up my mind yet...
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  1. It's not bad, just a little pricey for a day drink! There's really only one brand/flavor I like and it's only carried at select whole foods near me, so I don't have it too often.

    1. i don't stomach is kind of revolting against it! i bought the gallon glass jug that's refillable. so it's about $12 every time i refill. i've been doing plain...working my way up to the pomegranate or the ginger...

  2. I've never even heard of this but it doesn't really sound like something I'll try! I think I'll stick with good old water and my multi-vitamins. :)