Friday, August 2, 2013

:: new favorite thing: the buff ::

When I went on last month's survival weekend in the White Mountains, one thing we talked about was that everything in your backpack should have multiple uses. So, your rolled up fleece can be your pillow and your coffee mug can also be your cereal bowl. So when I found this bandana in the AMC gift shop, I scooped it up. Since then, it's served as a head band, a sweat band, a sleeping mask, and sun and bug cover.


I bought the Lenana, but the Madina above is my favorite from their website. They're all about $15-20. A steal!
 photo signaturecopy_zpsc80579c1.jpg


  1. I have one of these! I bought it back in 2009ish for my trip to Europe and I love it! It's looking a bit raggedy but I can't part with it, I've even added other colors and fun prints to the collection. Must have for anyone who loves the outdoors.