Monday, October 14, 2013

:: dear mailman ::

Rant begin: 
Thanks so much for completely violating all of my mail, every single day, while you deliver it. I wasn't planning on reading any of those magazines/newspapers/catalogs or watching that DVD, cashing any of those checks or paying those bills. So, yes, feel free to shred, mangle, and crush everything addressed to me in an attempt to force it into an opening that is more than adequately sized to hold the mail of one unimportant person.
Rant over. 

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  1. At least you don't have a cocker spaniel that shreds the mail ;-)


  2. Oh my goodness, how frustrating! I have to admit I laughed a bit and I hope you did too!

  3. a) love that you use this pic of Mike, and
    b) you think THAT's bad? About 10 years ago, I had a mailman (I wish I were making this up) who delivered DVDs I had ordered (back when there were DVD clubs), and instead of receiving, say the 6 I ordered, in the box, with the receipts, etc., I received TWO with a RUBBER BAND around them, with the outside label slipped under the rubber band. (This was my second order -- the first time, my box had been jammed open, presumably to see the titles inside, but I guess my choices stunk and I was lucky enough to not have any missing.)

    Let that sink in for a second. I went to the post office...and in full Kramer fashion (Seinfeld reference), demanded to speak to someone about STOPPING my mail. (I kid you not.) They kept offering to rent me a post office box, but I showed them my DVDs, with the rubber band around them, and asked if a post office box would prevent THAT, and overall just made a massive scene. Good times. On a side note, they refused to stop my mail. The mail will not stop.

    1. bwah ha ha ha! yeah, see, they've got you, no matter what. i pay a kid down the street $5/day when i go on vacation to collect my mail because they can't grasp what those yellow "mail hold" cards mean. nerd rage!