Tuesday, October 15, 2013

:: kohlrabi, here i come ::

 Boston Organics: Delivering fresh organic produce to your door!

Years and years ago, I recieved weekly deliveries from Boston Organics, a great company that brings fresh and organic produce right to your door. But back then I wasn't really cooking a lot, and a giant kale leaf or a few turnips only served to strike fear in my heart. How do I cook that? What do I do with it?? Since then, I've gotten more interested in cooking, and, Boston Organics has expanded to also deliver Taza chocolate, local cheese, tea, coffee, peanut butter and legumes. And for people like, me, they include some suggested recipes so I know what the hell to do with that kohlrabi.

First box arrives on Thursday and hopefully I'll come up with some good, healthy recipes to share!

And in the same health kick sorta vein, this is day two without caffeine. Cold turkey, baby. How long is this dull headache going to be my best friend?
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  1. I am really lucky that on my way home from work there is a huge produce market with all sorts of veggies i can't name nor know how to use - but it inspires one to try (kale leaf is wonderful deep fried, I know that's not healthy but it is good!)
    3 days with the headache, would be my guess - your almost there!

    1. thanks, lady! i'm trying! there's a diet coke in the fridge and she's calling my name..... ;)

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